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Corporate Apparels

Thinking of getting a smart-looking company logo T-shirt? A collared tee would give off a casual yet professional feel. Get your custom polo t-shirt designed in Singapore with your preferred style and cut at Cotton Planet. Also, we do provide cotton and dry-fit material for you to choose!


All T-shirts are customisable!
– Round Neck Tee
– Polo Tee
– More than 8 different fabrics for you to choose from
– Available in an array of colours to suit your preference


Tired of not having Pants and Trousers fitted to your size? The problem isn’t you. We provide more than 150 choices for you to get your custom made pants bespoke to your size. Whether you want it in Ladies or Men’s cutting – We have it!


Revamp your corporate wardrobe with us! Time to stand out from the rest with your own customised shirt. Want that extra pen-pocket? A much cooler fabric? We have a plethora of choices for you to choose from. Having your own corporate shirt is the best marketing tool any company can do!

Medical Apparels

Nurse Uniforms

Need a new supplier for your healthcare outlet? Customise with us in terms of fabric, colour, and even specific to pockets and buttons. Finish off with (probably) a personalised name embroidery? Sounds good! Applicable to short sleeve blouses, scrubs and even two piece uniforms. Let us know!


These are sanitary uniforms for medical practitioners. How often do you replace them? We have more than forty shades of colours for you to pick from. Scrubs don’t seem that mundane anymore!

Medical Robes and Gowns

We all know that Medical Robes and Gowns are something not to be missed out – Here at Cotton Planet, we provide custom made Robes and Gowns available for personalisation. Let’s add in that extra pocket or name accordingly to your wants!


Reusable bibs from us! They are usually backed by a waterproof cover on the other side to ensure laundry duties are easy! Customisable through fabric and colours!

Industrial Apparels

LTA Approved Safety Vest

Features a bright luminous reflective surface which can be worn over any existing uniforms. Fits every sizing due to its adjustable straps. Safe vest, save yourself!


Available in top and bottom. Tired of dull old coveralls? We have an array of fabric and colours for you to choose from. Need extra pockets or reflective tapes? We got ya back!


We provide Heavy Duty Jackets for staffs in the industrial industry. These jackets are customisable accordingly to your needs and are usually finished off with an embroidery logo. Reflective straps are available upon request!


Heavy/Light Duty pants are usually occupied by additional two cargo pockets which are practical for staffs.

F&B Apparels


We have more than 50 choices of colours and fabrics, you’ll be awed by our fabric selection. Finish off with an embroidery to call this apron your own.

Chef Coats

Providing breathable and lightweight coats for your culinary needs. Let us know what’s your choice of fabric, pockets, and you’ll receive yours in no time! All coats are custom made and not ready stock!

School Uniforms

Customised School Uniform

We have done numerous customised school uniforms for preschools, international, private, childcare and tuition centres. Our expertise lies in designing uniforms that are appropriate and bespoke to the school’s belief and culture. Special considerations will always be regarded.



We provide baseball, visor and military caps. Services such as reflective and glow in the dark straps are available for customisation. Followed up some embroidery service to perk off the look!


These are catered mostly to hospitality, medical and F&B industries. Customers are able to provide us their design and Cotton Planet will try our best to replicate. Bandanas are definitely good accessories!


We have done customised Scarfs for stewardess/steward such as Manta Air. Scarfs can be custom made to any size and printing. This is popular especially in the aviation industry.

Name Tags

Usually catered for schools, service staffs in hospitality and f&b. Provide us your choice of colour, logo and font – and you shall receive in 2 weeks! Just in time for your needs.

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