Looking for a uniform supplier in Singapore can be a daunting task especially with the numerous companies offering the service. There are many considerations to take note of especially since the uniform is not only a piece of apparel you go to work with. More importantly, it is a representation of the company.

To help you make the choice, here are some tips when selecting corporate uniforms in Singapore:

Deal with a trusted company

A trusted company will make your life easier as it will surely deliver what you need at just the right time. In determining whether a company is a trusted one or not, check into their customer support first. If your concerns are readily attended to via telephone call or email, it is a good sign that you are dealing with a company you can trust.

You can also check the testimonials of past customers. Their comments reflect the kind of experience they had when dealing with the company. If they provide messages of commendation and support, it should be an indication that the uniform supplier is indeed a company to rely on.

Check the inventory

A good supplier of corporate apparels in Singapore has an inventory of the supplies they offer. They offer choices not just in terms of cut or style but also in the colour. They also customise uniform according to the client specifications, industry, and need.

Get some samples

A reliable supplier will provide samples of the uniforms in their inventory. This will help you make the choice as what you see online may differ quite a bit when you actually see and touch it. This is also essential so you will know if that particular style fits in the kind of work you do.

Verify consistency

Your choice of uniform supplier in Singapore is definitely not a onetime deal. There will come a time when you need to hire more people to be part of the team or get a replacement for those who opted to resign. Given these situations, your supplier should be able to provide consistency in terms of maintaining the look and feel of the uniform.

Openness to ideas

It is also critical to deal with a supplier that is open to ideas. You might see details you want to incorporate in the uniform or features that you would like to be tweaked. So, deal with a supplier that will cater to the aesthetics you have in mind. It would also be best to have a company that can provide suggestions in consideration to the nature of your industry and the work that you actually do.

At Cotton Planet, we provide all these things and more. We have been in the industry since 1995 and all through these years, we have proven we are the best uniform supplier in Singapore.

Call us at +65 6871 8738 or email at enquiry@cottonplanet.sg for more information.


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