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We provide patient gowns to major hospital such as Tan Tock Seng and medical scrub to Changi General Hospitals. Besides that, we also provide quality scrubs for nursing students from polytechnic. While offering uniforms at competitive price, we do care about the designs as well. We pay attention to details in order to provide comfortable yet elegant uniforms to the nurses and doctor in the healthcare industries.

Nurse Uniforms

Need a new supplier for your healthcare outlet? Customise with us in terms of fabric, colour, and even specific to pockets and buttons. Finish off with (probably) a personalised name embroidery? Sounds good! Applicable to short sleeve blouses, scrubs and even two piece uniforms. Let us know!


These are sanitary uniforms for medical practitioners. How often do you replace them? We have more than forty shades of colours for you to pick from. Scrubs don’t seem that mundane anymore!

Medical Robes and Gowns

We all know that Medical Robes and Gowns are something not to be missed out – Here at Cotton Planet, we provide custom made Robes and Gowns available for personalisation. Let’s add in that extra pocket or name accordingly to your wants!


Reusable bibs from us! They are usually backed by a waterproof cover on the other side to ensure laundry duties are easy! Customisable through fabric and colours!

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