Designing a Company Logo T-Shirt that Stands Out from the Crowd

There are many subtle ways of engaging your employees and motivate them to do better at work. Among such effective strategies is to make them feel they belong to your company and serve a bigger purpose in keeping the company afloat amongst its competitors.

A company logo t-shirt is more than just an everyday wear, it can also be a sense of pride among your workers. It gives a real sense of fulfilment for one who seeks validation and being part of a great company always works to a person’s advantage.

Customized tees and shirts with the logo of the company the employees are working for not only becomes proof of their affinity but also acts as the real identifier that they truly belong with the company. It is contributory to how they behave as representatives of the company and how they mingle with customers and prospective clients.

How to make your company logo shirt stand out

One of the few good things to remember when designing your company logo t-shirt is the way it carries the overall message of the shirt. It needs to stand out from the rest and not just a representation of your brand.

Think of Disney who only has to put a picture of Mickey Mouse on a shirt and people instantly think of the whole Disney brand. Your company does not have to be as big as the animation giant, but it has to be original and unique. A well-crafted company logo shirt can be seen with the intricate details and little things that make them stand out.

Think of the 3Ws when having a company shirt exclusively done

There are three Ws to answer when getting a customized tee for a company. Ask yourself WHO would be wearing those shirts, WHEN would they be wearing it, and WHERE would it be used. These important factors will help you determine the appropriate kind of shirt and the design they should come with.

A shirt that looks too formal wouldn’t normally be great looking in a marathon event or a sleeveless shirt wouldn’t be good for everyday company operations either. So, before having a bulk of shirts is created, always consider who, when, and where your employees are going to use them.

A great design always comes with simplicity

The most common mistake companies make is to have a company logo t-shirt that has too many messages that the design surpasses the overall appearance of the logo. When creating a company logo shirt, always think that simply by using clean lines with a solid colour, a design with less shading, and a good fabric will already make your company logo shirt stand out.


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