The Advantages of Polo Tees:  The Art of the Polo Tee

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The Polo Shirt has its roots in the world of sports.  Lacoste, no doubt a familiar name was actually the original designer of the polo tee.  In an attempt to increase ease of movement in the popular sport, tennis, Rene Lacoste created the first design of the polo tee in 1926.  Since then, this brilliant design has been used throughout the world for various occasions, lending a sort of professionalism to anyone who wears it.

Now, what are the advantages of dawning such an apparel?

It provides ease of movement

Just as discovered by Lacoste himself, the polo tee is the perfect apparel for anyone who requires movement.  From camps tees to company logo t-shirts, to work uniforms, polo tees are perfect custom shirts in Singapore.

Yet, it displays a level of professionalism

 Unlike its cousin, the normal t-shirt, the polo tee is mostly worn by those placed in certain authority.  It is mostly worn by workers to show they hold a level of professionalism, or perhaps leaders in camps, or even the coaches of various sports teams.  Although the only real difference between the two is the collar added, it very effectively gives off the message of “I mean business”, lending an air of class to a casual outfit.

It can be made of many different materials

Whether cotton or dry-fit, polo tees look good made out of either material.  It is a versatile design that can fit the purposes of your company or project.  Definitely one of the best custom shirts in Singapore.

It can elevate brand awareness

 As polo shirts are so versatile, they are also frequently found having custom designs printed on them.  Therefore, these shirts can be used for casual events or as uniforms for workers, allowing the company name to be represented.

It is comfortable

 Among all the benefits of wearing a polo shirt, the bottom line is that it is comfortable.  The polo tee is virtually perfect because it is stylish, reflects a level of intelligence, dare I say a level of attractiveness, and perhaps the most valuable, it is a comfortable article of clothing.

Polo shirts are the most economical custom shirts in Singapore, they serve many purposes, and are relatively affordable as well for mass purchase.  The choosing of a polo and its special design for your purposes is truly an art.  Any company should have a company shirt that involves a classy collar and a cheeky company logo printed on it.  Cotton Planet is the best provider for printed t-shirts in Singapore and custom shirts in Singapore.  Get a custom polo shirt printed for your various needs and events at reasonable prices!  Contact Us at Cotton Planet Today, and discover the art of the polo for yourself.

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